Careers, Objectives & Feedback - One Day

What do you need to do, as management/HR, as a company, to design and run a realistic, light but complete career system that attracts and keeps talent:

  • For: People Managers, HR, Senior Managers

  • Duration: one day; date will be decided by discussion with those registered

  • Group size: up to 10

  • Location: Introspace (our office)

  • Price: 169 EUR / participant (payment details at the bottom)

  • Trainer: Andrei Postolache

Topics addressed:

  • What do people want and need and how do we find out?

  • Offering a clear picture as a company/manager so the people know who you are and what you stand for

  • Personal aspirations combined with business priorities

  • Using objectives: what kind of objectives, what for, how many, when and when not?

  • T shaped people, cheetah Skill

  • The point of feedback

  • Feedback on objectives, feedback on performance

  • Putting feedback in the bigger context of career progression

  • Spontaneous feedback, organized feedback

  • Clear communication & clear expectations

  • Addressing difficult topics

  • Compassionate Radical Honesty