Careers, Objectives & Feedback - One Day

What do you need to do, as management/HR, as a company, to design and run a realistic, light but complete career system that attracts and keeps talent:

  • For: People Managers, HR, Senior Managers

  • Duration: one day; date will be decided by discussion with those registered

  • Group size: up to 10

  • Location: Introspace (our office)

  • Price: 169 EUR / participant (payment details at the bottom)

  • Trainer: Andrei Postolache

or email for more info

Topics addressed:

  • What do people want and need and how do we find out?

  • Offering a clear picture as a company/manager so the people know who you are and what you stand for

  • Personal aspirations combined with business priorities

  • Using objectives: what kind of objectives, what for, how many, when and when not?

  • T shaped people, cheetah Skill

  • The point of feedback

  • Feedback on objectives, feedback on performance

  • Putting feedback in the bigger context of career progression

  • Spontaneous feedback, organized feedback

  • Clear communication & clear expectations

  • Addressing difficult topics

  • Compassionate Radical Honesty

Once date is confirmed, payment is done by bank transfer, no cash. 30% downpayment, the rest in the week before the training. You can pay yourself or your company can pay for you. For group deals for multiple employees of the same company we can discuss specific terms.