Presentations & Public Speaking - One Day

A medium to advanced training in the delivery of internal presentations (proposals, business reviews etc) and external public speaking, such as at conferences.

  • For: senior tech, architects, managers, HR/Comms/PR

  • Duration: one day

  • Group size: 7 to 10

  • Trainer: Andrei Postolache

Topics addressed:

  • Structured around our ESSSI model: Emotion, Situation, Story, Style, Impact.

  • Every participants presents, is recorded and gets live feedback.

  • The emotional obstacles of public speaking: evolutionary roots, reasons for their existence, identification, overcoming; specific, detailed advise

  • The different kind of presentations (curiosity opener, salesy, informational)

  • Different kinds and sizes of crowds

  • Different venues

  • Structuring your content: what’s the story, what to say and how?

  • Slides, video, pictures, whiteboards, flipcharts and other delivery mechanisms - specific techniques and recommendations

  • Interaction, questions, humor

  • Advanced tips & tricks

  • Homework given in advance, will be reviewed during training, feedback give

  • All practical, pragmatical, with real life examples from my experience