Fun & Fearless Leadership


  • Week 1: Introspection. Know yourself.

  • Week 2: Self discipline is freedom.

  • Week 3: Clarity. Have it. Communicate it.

  • Week 4: Disciplined creativity. How to think new things.

  • Week 5: The team. Fluent teams.

  • Week 6: Culture. Be the virus.

  • Week 7: Fearless with a plan. What now?

Circles pic.png

At the end, if you do your assignments and you do your work, you get a completion certificate.
You can miss at most one week, after which you will be kicked out of the circle (no refund).
Your estimated effort is a few hours a week and, as long as you hit the big milestones, you choose when you put in the work. You can do it while traveling, you can even do it while on vacation if you’re so inclined, though may not want to :) Everything is remote.

Weekly Cycle.png

See a more complete description how it will work here.

Trainer: Andrei Postolache. Focused on IT, but not exclusive. For existing and aspiring leaders.

This only works if you commit to it. You must give it your best try. It will be hard. For each of you, I will find those things that are difficult, boundary pushing, but it will be rewarding and you will learn.

Price for the circle is 166 EUR per person, but you’ll have to wait for 7 people to gather before we start.

Price for the arrow (same thing but just you) is 266 EUR and we will start at our earliest convenience.

We also organize customized circles for companies.