Counterintuitive, Fearless Leadership - One Day

  • For: leaders & managers stuck in a rut and looking to reinvent their game with fresh perspectives, to re-motivate themselves and to bravely move into a new stage of their career

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Group size: 7 to 10

  • Trainer: Andrei Postolache

Topics addressed:

  • Addressing (and debunking?) some fashionable but sometimes shallowly understood topics:

    • Self organization

    • Supportive leadership

    • Motivation

    • Needing to know “the why?”

    • Do these things really work as advertised, or are they marketing fluff? What’s real and what’s fiction?

    • What is true and what is PR about these things? What works and what not?

  • What are we afraid of? What’s holding us back?

  • When is too much comfort bad? How to use discomfort as a legitimate leadership tool?

  • Doing the unexpected

  • Defying expectations

  • Oldies but goldies: classic leadership behaviors that still work

  • Simplicity in leadership

  • How to build a high performance team in counterintuitive ways?