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Boosters are “in and out” team events designed for concrete impact and clear outcomes in the shortest possible amount of time. They are direct and intense workshops with transformational goals. You may need to get from nothing to something, or from good to great. Either way, a booster may just be what you need.

Our boosters are transformative. See the 13 points for an Introspecials workshop you'll remember.

The leadership team

Is your leadership team working as one, with mutual trust, meaningful debate, capable of making difficult decisions and delivering operational effectiveness? If not, let's find out why and fix it with a day zero workshop
For leadership teams, 1 day

Operational effectiveness

You make decisions, you agree on them with your leadership team, but few enough get implemented. Focus is lost, deadlines are missed, initiatives forgotten. Review and recommendations workshop for building an accountable and results oriented leadership team and organization. 
For leadership teams, 1 day

People practices

Do your people know exactly where they stand compared to your expectations and others around them? Do they know what you want from them, what their options are and are they motivated to give heir best? Do you have an institutionalized routine and culture of talking about performance? If not, let's have a talent workshop to review and propose simple and clear people practices for motivation and performance. 
For leadership teams with HR representation, 1 day


IT in general and agile IT in particular relies on communication. This is an intense workshop for any team and we will go through 1) why communication is a core part of the work and not just something around the work 2) why we fail to communicate even when we intellectually know we need to, what are the psychological barriers and 3) how to start doing it well and how does great communication look like. We will also address cultural differences in communication where relevant. 
For leadership team or any team, 1 day

The foundation of agile

Scrum and other agile frameworks, at first glance, present few intellectual challenges: their core mechanics are simple to explain and easy enough to understand and yet, their adoption consistently fails. Why is that? 
Any successful adoption of agile relies on self organizing teams which need trust, psychological safety, proactive communication, personal ownership, an appetite for constructive conflict, honesty, some negotiating skills, comfort with uncertainty and an understanding of how to work in fluid, ambiguous contexts. Without these foundations, Scrum is just shell under which the old routines of command & control continue to exist under different names. An workshop about building agile from the people up.

For any agile team, 1 day

Proactive delivery unit

Many IT companies in Iași are delivery units reporting to remote headquarters. How do you turn your unit into a proactive one, capable of initiative, accountable for and trusted with large areas of work? We will look at processes but also at communication and cultural differences to propose clear and realistic changes that can get buy in and will work. 
For leadership teams, 2 days

Talent market message

Do you sometimes feel that the messages you send out to the talent market in Iași don't differentiate you enough? Do your job ads really say something unique about working at your company or are they more of the same? When you go to conferences, do you really stand out? Is your interview process good enough to leave candidates, accepted or rejected, with a clear image of what makes you different? If not, let's review your market image and propose changes in your public communication and publicly facing processes that will make you stand out from the crowd. 
For HR and/or leadership team, 1 day


  1. We meet to discuss your situation. Meeting/call/skype, one hour, sometimes more. We define and agree what needs to be done, I tell you if I can help, what the price will be, you decide if we move forward.
  2. Preparation. 2-3 hours across a few days, quick chats with key participants in the upcoming workshop, refining agenda, setting expectations. 
  3. Workshop. Somewhere out of the office for better isolation and focus. I will of course bring content and experience, but the agenda and the conversations will be around your specific needs and situations and I will heavily rely on your active participation. The workshop is not just for information transfer, but for addressing pressing problems, having real conversations and making decisions. 
  4. Written report. I send a summary of key recommendations and decisions made during the workshop.
  5. Any further workshops or consulting work is optional and we may or may not discuss the need for it. Every workshop is designed to bring real value in and by itself.