Remote learning in weekly sprints, with micro-sessions, assignments & personalized feedback.

Each circle is 7 people, 7 weeks, 7 big ideas, 7 boundary defining assignments and countless useful techniques.


A new way

There are times when you should do classroom training, but it has its limitations. With circles, the great thing is that you do one thing at a time, so it’s clear and you remember it, and you get to apply it all in your actual work and we then discuss how it went before we move to the next thing. And it’s all remote and you don’t have to take a day off. You remember better, you develop faster and it’s flexible: the Introspecials Circles.

Andrei Postolache, Managing Partner

How does it work?

  1. A circle is formed for a topic

  2. Every week has a theme

  3. You get video and text materials + assignment for the week from me on Monday: crisp, short, to the point

  4. You start doing

  5. There’s a chat for all the circle + me where you can ask questions, share etc

  6. Once a week, there’s a voice call where I take questions and we discuss progress (participation is optional)

  7. You send me the assignment results on Friday & and I provide you individual feedback

  8. Same thing next week, for 7 weeks

At the end, if you do your assignments and you do your work, you get a completion certificate.
You can miss at most one week, after which you will be kicked out of the circle (no refunds in this case).
Your estimated effort is between 1 and 3 hours a week, depending on the week. You can do it while traveling to the client, you can even do it while on vacation if you’re so inclined.
Everything is remote.

Why are Circles better?

  • Clear focus for the week: one thing and one thing only to worry about for those 7 days

  • Specific video and text material from me for each of the 7 weekly sprints

  • Practical exercise: you get to practice it all in your actual work environment and I give you feedback on it

  • At your own pace, in your own time. Don’t have time on Tuesday, do it on Thursday, but do it

  • You will be challenged!

The Leadership Circle

Week 1: Introspection. Know yourself.
Week 2: The killing. Getting it done.
Week 3: Discipline. Motivation is for kids.
Week 4: Clarity. Have it. Communicate it.
Week 5: The team. Fluent teams.
Week 6: Culture. Be the virus.
Week 7: Fearless with a plan. What next?

Starts June 3rd. Focused on IT, but not exclusive. For existing and aspiring leaders.

This only works if you commit to it. You must give it your best try. It will be hard. For each of you, I will find those things that are difficult, boundary pushing, but it will be rewarding and you will learn.

Full price is 166 EUR. Pay below by card and I will contact you by email with details.