concentrated in a single day of training

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Fun & Fearless Leadership

  • My signature training, personal design
  • For IT leaders and managers looking to be fearlessly effective
  • One day, max 8 people
  • With real, detailed, relevant stories from my experience
  • Pragmatic, real industry lessons, relevant
 Me, Andrei Postolache.  My   resume .

Me, Andrei Postolache. My resume.

I'll teach you how to follow the 7 steps, with actions for each. It will take you about a month to implement it in your real work context, with transformative impact.

Why do it at all?

The young leaders of Romanian IT have learned a lot in a short time, but they are overextended and streched between the demands of their people and the realities of the business. They need to not just manage, but lead, and that's not as easy as it can sometimes seem. 

Understand yourself

Big 5 professionally designed personality test. 

Deal with anyone

You can successfully work with anyone. I'll show you how. 

Lead by example

What are the behaviors that make or break you as a leader? 

Fair weather captains do decently well when business is good, but like Warren Buffet said, "only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked". This training is for those leaders that want to develop their ability to weather a storm, to perform in difficult conditions, to lead and improve, not only to keep the ship moving along.

Some of the expected outcomes:

  • Hire better
  • Build and lead great teams
  • Accountable team members
  • Promote wiser
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Calmer under pressure
  • Stay focused
  • Bad news in a good way
  • Use your strengths  
  • Choose your battles
  • Delegate better
  • Manage your manager

and, in the end, feel better, more purposeful and more fearless about your leadership


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