Fun & Fearless Leadership

Our signature open training, as it encapsulates our overall philosophy. A one day workshop for IT leaders and managers looking to be fearless and have fun doing it. An unusual workshop, for max 8 people, exploring unexpected solutions and unconventional behaviors. Each section will have 3 parts: 1) Exposition, by me 2) challenge, from you, and discussion and 3) one sentence take aways, from me.

I'll openly share from my experience, the good and the bad, we'll laugh and be serious, we'll aim to come out of the day with something new. We'll also look at some of our concepts through short clips of such characters as The Man with No Name, Beatrix Kiddo, Michael Corleone, The Dude and captain Miller. 

 This is me. Guess who? Here's my  resume .

This is me. Guess who? Here's my resume.


Nobody ever grew up wanting to become a bored middle manager. Nobody should grow old as one.

How to deal with anyone

No matter your personality, no matter your style, no matter who you're dealing with, you can successfully work with anyone. You decide if it's worth it, but I'll teach you how.

Understand yourself

Big 5 professionally designed personality test I'll give you to take ahead of time, and we'll deep dive into your profiles and what it means for you in the workplace. I'll be the first to share mine. 

Lead by example

Why do people want to work with certain people and not with others? What do you have to offer? What kind of world do you want to create in your little corner of the universe? How do you do it?

Decide, do, move on

Make decisions quickly, handle ambiguity, do what you set out to do, move on. Learn, but don't dwell. All leaders need to get good at this. Your personality plays a role, but there's a way for everyone to do it.

pragmatic, based on experience, customized for IT, no generalities and no self help banalities. real talk.

first edition promo price of 135 EUR, date to be discussed among registred participants, targeting second half of Mach

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