Our focus is exclusively on the IT & Tech industry, where we come from and where we understand the work, the problems and the mindset. Working with us is easy: contacts us and, we'll have a talk and we'll walk you through the options. All our recommendations are contextualized and personalized. 

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Andrei has over 15 years of IT experience ranging from software development to senior management. His work is with teams and one to one relationships with leaders and his specialities are transformational workshops and deep consultancy. Andrei's focus is agility, teams, communication, soft skills, leadership.

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Nicoleta's background in HR management makes her particularity effective at working with teams and individuals on topics such as competency assessments, team dynamics, feedback, train the trainers. She brings to the table an absolute level of professionalism, rock solid reliability and an uncanny ability to coherently and clearly present, teach and discuss complex issues. 


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