1 - Training.png

Training sessions are things that happen at a given date that we agree on, have a clear beginning and a clear ending, a fixed price and an agenda published ahead of time. You send some people over, or I come to you and we do it in house, they come, they listen, we talk, we debate, we go through the agenda, they leave. There is some follow-up, but largely speaking the training is done when they leave the room. 

You want a training session when your need is clear, you have a plan and you just need a piece of the puzzle, which we can provide. You also want a training session when you want to open up to new ideas and ways of thinking, maybe come back with something new. You may also want a training session if you're trying us out before a consultancy engagement.

We offer the following training sessions:

  • Fun & Fearless Leadership - 1 day/max 8 attendees or the extended version, 2 days/max 10 attendees

  • Communication (advanced, effective comms, cultural differences, active, assertive) - 1 day

  • Strategy - 2 days

2 - Workshops.png

I organize and facilitate workshops for leadership and management teams on strategy, team health, mediation and other people and talent issues. 
I start from an initial need or symptom, I probe, gather input, figure out an approach, draft and agenda and deliver it. I handle ambiguous situations, difficult personalities and I focus on the core concerns.

  • Typical workshops last one or two days and are held in a location removed from the day to day work, for total focus. 

  • I prepare every workshop for the specific situation. At minimal, I rely on the full collaboration on the workshop sponsor. Many times, the whole team is happy to be there and constructive. Sometimes, there is tension, misalignment and even hostility. My workshops are for the good times, but also for times of trouble. I am comfortable with both. 

My style is direct and honest. I don’t judge, but I tell you how I see it. 

3 - Consultancy.png

Consultancy is me becoming a part time member of your team, for a while, with a more or less specific set of objectives. Sometimes my objectives are very clear, sometimes they are general directions. I usually work with leaders and managers and help them personally and with their teams and business objectives. I'll be attending meetings, be around the office, meet with people, proposing things, coaching your people (and/or you), setting meetings, presenting topics and initiatives. We'll meet regularly so I can tell you what I've been doing, how it's going, what I found out, what I propose, and what you want me to do next. Consultancy is a time & materials activity, where we agree on a budget of time & money priced per hour, that I then spend as needed, under agreed guidelines and direction. 

4 - Coaching.png

I offer two types of business, leadership or career coaching: Ongoing and Time-boxed objective based. I use the word coaching in the broadest, non purist sense: I will ask questions, but I will also offer suggestions from my management and leadership experience in the IT industry. 

  • In an Ongoing relationship, the responsibility to drive the agenda is all yours. I provide recurrent availability and you take advantage of my time and expertise in any way you want. 

  • In a Time-boxed objective based relationship, I will help you chose a specific objective and we will have 9 sessions to achieve it. I won’t chase you and I won’t handhold, you still have to drive the progress, but I will give you a structure.

For both, the standard meeting schedule is weekly or once every two weeks and the length of the session 60 minutes. We will meet face to face when possible, video conference when not, or call if nothing else is available. My style is direct and honest. I don’t judge, but I tell you how I see it and you decide what to do with it. 

A particular type of session I offer is the Blue Pill - Red Pill Session, where I give you the worst possible feedback you can get, addressing all your weaknesses with no sugarcoating whatsoever, but I also give you the best possible feedback you could get, your best conceivable version. I can only do this if I know you, so this comes after some regular coaching, consultancy or some other experience working together. I will also gather feedback from the market, your previous employers, and give you that as well.