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Training sessions are things that happen at a given date that we agree on, have a clear beginning and a clear ending, a fixed price and an agenda published ahead of time. You send some people over, or I come to you and we do it in house, they come, they listen, we talk, we debate, we go through the agenda, they leave. There is some follow-up, but largely speaking the training is done when they leave the room. 

You want a training session when your need is clear, you have a plan and you just need a piece of the puzzle, which we can provide. You also want a training session when you want to open up to new ideas and ways of thinking, maybe come back with something new. You may also want a training session if you're trying us out before a consultancy engagement.

We offer the following training sessions:

  • Leadership for new leaders - 1 day
  • Advanced leadership - 1 or 2 days
  • People skills (comms, emotional intelligence, feedback etc) - 1 day
  • Train the trainer (teach people to train & teach others) - 2 days
  • People managers (hiring, interviewing, performance, promoting, salaries, raises, firing) - 2 days
  • Human and team dynamics behind agile (ownership, initiative, negotiation, self organization) - 2 days
  • Communication (advanced, effective comms, cultural differences, active, assertive) - 1 day
  • Innovation practices inside the company (lean, intrapreneurship, making it happen) - 1 day
  • Strategy - 2 days 

2 - Workshops.png

Workshops are like training session in the sense that they happen on a given day(s), in a given place, with a given set of people that come there to attend the workshop and do just that. They differ from training sessions because the content is less standard and the event is less about acquiring a new skill and more about fixing a problem or coming up with something new. Maybe you have a conflict in the team, or maybe there's no strategic direction, or no clear set of objectives, or you and your leadership team need to agree on a coherent set of people practices, or maybe start an internal innovation program. We talk, I understand your problems and objectives, I organize and facilitate the workshop. I will bring some content as background, but most of the time it will be me facilitating, drawing out the issues, getting you to speak, debate, argue and agree on decisions. I provide the framework and I steer the ship, but in an workshop more of the content will be yours than in a training session. 

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Consultancy is me becoming a part time member of your team, for a while, with a more or less specific set of objectives. Sometimes my objectives are very clear, sometimes they are general directions. I usually work with leaders and managers and help them personally and with their teams and business objectives. I'll be attending meetings, be around the office, meet with people, proposing things, coaching your people (and/or you), setting meetings, presenting topics and initiatives. We'll meet regularly so I can tell you what I've been doing, how it's going, what I found out, what I propose, and what you want me to do next. Consultancy is a time & materials activity, where we agree on a budget of time & money priced per hour, that I then spend as needed, under agreed guidelines and direction. 

Quantitative and qualitative analyses for your business, with loads of insights and clear recommendations. Off the shelf services that you can just order and use:

  • You online presence analysis and score, is it helping you recruit?
  • Attrition cohort analysis, why are your people really leaving?
  • Team dynamic 360, team insights even you can't see
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