Classroom training

Classical training, we get together and spend a day on a topic

Circles (new)

Same content, remote, micro sessions, practical assignments, direct feedback

Free workshops

2 hour versions of our sessions, a small way of giving back to the community

Classroom Training

Sometimes, the old fashion way of getting together for a day or two in one place and spending it fully on the training is the best. It can detach you from the day to day work, and, occasionally, that’s what you want. It also has a great team building component to it, as colleagues get to spend quality time together and learn about each other.

We can do this at our office in Iași, Instrospace, at your place or go somewhere remote, for the most complete kind of isolation.

Here’s the list of classroom training we do. Details inside each.

Circles - a new way

Remote learning in weekly sprints, with micro-sessions, assignments & personalized feedback.

Each circle is 7 people, 7 weeks, 7 big ideas, 7 boundary pushing assignments and countless useful techniques. Same great Introspecials content in a modern package.

There are times when you should do classroom training, but it has its limitations. With circles, the great thing is that we do one thing at a time, so it’s clear and you remember it, and you get to apply it all in your actual work and we then discuss how it went before we move to the next thing. And it’s all remote and you don’t have to take a day off. You remember better, you develop faster and it’s flexible. Moreover, we’ve taken steps to ensure the circle members are engaged throughout the program and determined to succeed: it will be hard, it will be personal, it will be intense. Introspecials Circles is my default recommendation to any client looking for great leadership training that embeds itself into the actual content and rhythm of the business.

Andrei Postolache, Managing Partner


How does it work?

Consistency, focus and simplicity

Every week long sprint has a consistent, repeatable structure, with the same things happening at the same time every time. You get used to it, you know what you have to do, and can focus on your assignments, which take the theory and bring into your work environment. The assignment may be hard, but you always know where you’re standing.

Weekly Cycle.png

Here’s the list of upcoming circles. You can join as an individual right away or, if you’d like to run a circle inside your company, contact us.

Free Workshops

This is a small way of giving back to the community that allows us to exist, by organizing, at least monthly, free 2 hour sessions that are typically sections or shortened versions from our full day classroom training sessions or circles. See a list of upcoming workshops below, participation is free but registration is required, as seats are limited.