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High Impact Professional - 2 Hours, Free Access (Iași) - FULLY BOOKED

An eclectic mix of skills and attitudes any professional needs in order to have an impact, above his or her competence and good intentions.

  • For: any professional looking to increase their impact

  • Duration: two hours

  • Group size: up to 10

  • Location: Introspace (our office)

  • Price: Free, registration required (see below)

  • Trainer: Andrei Postolache

Topics addressed:

  • How to choose the best company/project for you

  • How to present your proposals, sell your ideas

  • Communication

  • Internal & external negotiation

  • How to ask and prepare for a meeting

  • Useful networking

  • Public speaking

Clearly, we won’t cover these subjects in depth in the two hours here, but I’ll give you my view of how they intertwine, how we need to approach them, how we need to invest in them and how to use them for maximum impact.