Andrei Postolache

Managing Partner

I believe this job is worth doing only if you do it all the way. The world is full of consultants that tell customers what they want to hear. I want to tell it how it is, which makes it harder, but better. 

We believe that any industry, IT more so, should have leaders that are fearless and have fun doing it. Free from fear to work to the best of our abilities and do serious work without taking ourselves too seriously. 

We work with leaders, with teams, with people and their people skills, communication and culture to help companies and leaders be fearless, have fun and make it happen. To get the job done, we look at people, dynamics, routines, agility, process, innovation, marketing, sales, practices and "how things are done over here".

I come from the industry, I've been a developer and a manager, for projects small and large, in companies small and large, for clients and with colleagues from different cultures. I am still in this industry, active, I love books but I don't teach from them, I teach from experience, lovingly customized for everyone of my clients.