Our purpose is to help develop the independent, freedom loving leaders that can make today and tomorrow a better place


We are a Leadership & Business consultancy from Iași, offering open training, in house training and consultancy.
We are focused on the IT industry and we bring real, extensive, practical experience in delivering software and building teams and companies from senior management positions.

Business principles:
1. total curiosity / 2. ruthless effectiveness / 3. having fun

Fun & Fearless Leadership is my leadership book, available on Amazon paperback & Kindle.

The initial book launch was at Codecamp Iași in October 2018. Codecamp is the largest IT conference in Romania.

Fun & Fearless Leadership is my entire experience and knowledge systemised into a 7 step approach for effective leadership, of yourself, of your team, of your company.


Our fullest service is organizational transformation. We have experience working with companies over a long period of time and through a combination of training, on site presence, consultancy and coaching, helping them drive necessary change in their people and leadership practices and culture.

A. Start with a training, an easy one day commitment to get a jolt of energy and information. Training sessions also have immense value in themselves.

B. Continue with a workshop, a custom session for your problems, working on your specific issues, making executive decisions on your organization.

C. Follow-up with business coaching, to help you leaders follow-up and execute on the agreements and ideas gathered from training and workshops, and to grow.

D. Engage us for deep consultancy, have us onsite, observing meetings, assisting leaders, guiding them on the implementation of your transformation process.



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